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1-1 Personal & Career Coaching

C-Level, Heads of Departments, Managers, Team Leaders, Star Performers - even the best within an organisation benefit from additional support and guidance.


Often the answers/issues they need to improve their workplace performance aren't wholly rooted within the workplace. That's where we come in by working 1-1 in building leaders, understanding where they are,identifying the root causes, outlining the key goals/targets for themselves and the wider organisation and helping them achieve their objections while lighting their internal flame to truly flourish in their roles.

Well-being & Confidence Building Workshops

Embedding a culture of workplace well-being has been shown to improve employee productivity, morale and health. As well as decreasing employee absences and increasing retention and recruitment.

We focus on Growth Mindset & Confidence building all aiding an individuals well-being allowing them to finally become comfortable in themselves and excel professionally with a series of workshops and exercises to allow groups of up to 12 people to grow and become their more confident selves.

Presentation & Public Speaking Training

Anxiety, sounding uncertain, words lacking in confidence and conviction?         

 It haunts all levels of an organisation where senior members of staff find it difficult to articulately present and debate their proposals, concerns and how they feel with conviction.

We will help you focus on speaking like a leader, with gravitas, story telling, the correct pitch and tone! All tied into body language and powerful delivery techniques so you can be in control of your words and how they land with your audience, whether it be a simple work meeting to speaking to an audience of hundreds. You can then be able to present, lead and speak with conviction!​

Diversity, Inclusion & Cultural Awareness Training

In today’s incredibly multicultural world, it is highly likely that your workplace will employ individuals with unique backgrounds and combined them and their skill-sets together with the expectation of being "diverse", "inclusive", "current" & "multi-cultural" - however, these words mean more than the topical buzz words they often become. It is important to be culturally aware and sensitive, though the latter might be a bit harder to adopt. Public and private organisations understand that they need to improve and become more aware and adept of cultures, an important initiative to cultivate teamwork and establish

an incredible reputation.


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Office Meeting

Key Services by Confidence.Works

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