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All About Confidence.Works

Confidence.Works was founded to provide professionals the skill-set to better communicate and confidently present.

We are here to remind you of skills you already know, and bring them to the fore so you and your team can communicate, present and lead with confidence and conviction within the workplace.

If you fear public speaking, leading meetings, struggle with confidence issues in speaking at work - we can help you.

Ryna Ghazi - Our Founder is an internationally experienced Coach and Trainer with over 12 years experience in prior roles of engaging communities, motivating students and training teams and staff to deliver outstanding learning across a wide variety of key areas.

Utilising her in-depth experience in education and business across 20+ countries and their respective cultures, combined with working as a Public speaker, Trainer and Coach, Ryna is an expert cross-culture collaborator who forges strong relationships with colleagues, business' and institutions.


"At Confidence.Works we utilise a range of practical activities and strategies focused on accelerated personal development.


We build on these techniques by imparting real-time feedback, peer-to-peer observation, and a real focus on self-reflection so a person can rapidly improve their capability in speaking and presenting. We set out goals with clear action plans to achieve them by the end of our sessions.


We particularly focus on Well-being, Growth Mindset, Confidence Building and Presentation Techniques - within these key areas, there are focused exercises to improve Tone, Pitch, Gravitas, Presence and Body Language to really bring out the best in people and allow people to realise they have this capability already.

We look forward to working with you!"

Ryna Ghazi

Founder - Confidence.Works

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